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Yin Yoga is a practice of holding specific poses for longer periods of time. This allows for us to slow down and let go, reaching deep beyond the ‘yang’ tissue – the muscles of the body, and accessing the deeper set fascia and ‘yin’ tissue within the body. The practice allows us to restore health and well being on a deep level by reducing stiffness and stagnation, sending hydration to areas within, and allowing for reflection, relaxation, self-study and observation. A great way to reduce stress!

Yin Yoga is designed to access much deeper tissue within the body than other forms of Yoga by going beyond our muscles and into our fascia, and as this happens, we access not just physical depth, but emotional and energetic depth also.

We move old, stagnated energy through our whole system – physically and emotionally too. This means that sometimes, old thoughts, feelings and memories can come up during or after our Yin practice that we might have buried.

Please know that you are safe here. Safe to feel, safe to chat about your concerns and safe to seek our support with any questions you might have. We are always here to guide your experience and to support your yoga journey.